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A workshop taught by Ján Pernecký

Bratislava: 8-9-10 Nov 2013
Vienna: 5-16-17 Nov 2013
Brno: 29-30 Nov -1 Dec 2013

Processing basics – brief


In three days will the workshop participants learn the very basics of creative programming starting from zero all the way to the Object Oriented Programming. Passing this course will make other Processing tutorials simple to understand and additional libraries easy to implement.
The teaching process is based on thorough explanation of principles and best practices in programming. The graphical examples will lead to a demonstration of the Object Oriented Programming using the Plethora library to simulate flocking and swarm behavior. 


The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as for intermediate Processing developers who want improve their practices.
The participants should bring their own computers (PC or MAC) with the latest version of Processing installed and ready to use. The course will start with a short troubleshooting session. The participants are advised to watch Generative design lecture. 
The teaching sessions will be held in English or Slovak respectively to the audience.


Ján Pernecký (architect, programmer – FA STU, VŠVU, KTH, die Angewandte)
2010 established rese arch supporting architectural theory, 2012 Slovak and Czech pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia, 2013 curating and producing 3D Dreaming workshops, 2013 teaching programming at Academy of Fine arts and Design and Slovak University of Technology


day one

how to write an algorithm – pseudocode
Java/Processing syntax
variables, conditions

day two

drawing geometry in Processing

day three

Plethora library – flocking simulation
PNG/PDF export
resources, how to read tutorials/documentation


Generative design lecture
3D Dreaming
rese arch



Progressbar Hackerspace 
Michalská 3,
811 03,


To be announced


FlyingArchitecture learning center
Centrum office building
Kobližná 24
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic


Bratislava or Brno

Student – early bird discount*: 99 Euro
Professional – early bird discount*: 129 Euro
Student – regular and on-site: 129 Euro
Professional – regular and on-site: 159 Euro


Student – early bird discount*: 149 Euro
Professional – early bird discount*: 179 Euro
Student – regular and on-site: 179 Euro
Professional – regular and on-site: 209 Euro
*the early bird discounts apply until one week before the workshop starts.

Application and payment

To apply please write an email to The payment itself then can be done via bank transfer or online payment system.
The application will be accepted only after the money transfer will have been unarguably done. The applicants are not eligible any refund if they cannot participate the workshop they applied for. 
In case the workshop will be cancelled, the applicants will be immediately returned full fee. No other refunds (traveling, accommodation) are not applicable.
The workshops will be cancelled if less than 7 people apply to the respective workshop.

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