About Grasshopper

Grasshopper® is a visual programming environment for Rhinoceros 3D developed by David Rutten and numerous plug-in developers. In recent years it became the major tool of digital / parametric / generative architecture worldwide and is rapidly spreading from academia to production practice. The node-based environment makes Grasshopper® easy to learn, simple to use and quick to deploy. An ever-growing community of Grasshopper® users provides great support and releases new software, hardware and fabrication applications on a daily basis.

Grasshopper® and most of its plugins are available for free, however it’s not a standalone software. It’s tightly connected with Rhinoceros 3D – an advanced NURBS modelling and drafting software, which is available for education purposes under exceptionally favorable conditions. Grasshopper® works on Windows. There is a limited OSX version available but it doesn't support any plug-ins.

The rese arch SESSIONS are used at Unit 15 at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Rese arch is an official partner of Unit 15 at the Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show 2016.