Grasshopper tutorials Iterative

Grasshopper tutorials Iterative Bundle contains 12:06 hours of tutorials in the FOLLOWING 6 video courses with value 168€ +VAT saving 104.40 FOR GRASSHOPPER TUTORIALS:


The Iterative sessions are meant for intermediate Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper users. Previous experience with Grasshopper® and understanding of vectors, lists and mesh geometry is required. The Essential and preferably also Advanced sessions are recommended prior to taking the Iterative sessions.

The Iterative sessions employ also third-party Grasshopper® plug-ins. Rhinoceros 3D is available as a free trial version and sells under favorable conditions and prices for educational purposes.
Grasshopper® and most of the plug-ins are entirely free.

The required software for all the Iterative sessions: Rhinoceros 3D for Windows, Grasshopper®, Anemone, Boid library, Weaverbird, Mesh+, Mesh edit, David Stasiuk’s marching cubes example

Please, install all the required software before the session. For compatibility reasons it is advised that you use the latest versions of all the above mentioned software. All used software runs exclusively on Windows. Mac users are advised to install the latest Windows under BootCamp as virtualization through Parallels might be slow and unreliable.